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Genus name comes from the Latin campana meaning bell in reference to the bell-shaped flowers. 2. The name of the plant is derived from Greek word for dolphin because if you happen to just pluck a single bloom from the spike, it looks like a leaping dolphin. See “Other Facts” below for more info. Chinese Bellflower. They are native mainly to northern Flowers were one of the means of communicating your thoughts and feelings to someone during the Victorian era. The flower is associated with fairy world and symbolizes humility and reverence. The plant was also believed to have healing properties and Chinese used it to treat lung infections, cold, and flu. 9 8 0. The campanula flower – sometimes referred to as the bellflower for its distinctive bell-like shape – is a genus from the campanulaceae family, which boasts about 300 species and multiple subspecies. Discover the meaning of the Bellflower name on Ancestry®. Flowers Bellflower. Hibiscus represents fertility and glory. Copyright © 2015. It blooms magnificent, bell-shaped flowers. Platycodon grandiflorus (from Ancient Greek πλατύς "wide" and κώδων "bell") is a species of herbaceous flowering perennial plant of the family Campanulaceae, and the only member of the genus Platycodon. The flower symbolizes patience, elegance, and peace. Also, if you need more information about this attractive bellflower, read my article about Campanula latiloba here. Meaning of bellflower. Flower Bluebell. These flowers have many petals, almost too numerous to count. A guide to Japanese Kimono and textile symbols and meanings. It is considered to be a flower that can be used to celebrate anything positive. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was common to relay meanings handed down from various myths, fables, or legends. Spreading bellflower sometimes grows very abundantly in fallow fields, where its brilliant flower show is … 4. They go both ways, to celebrate love and love in vain. Cherry Blos Hyacinth is a bulb-shaped flower and represents joy and rebirth. Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers and long-stemmed, making them an ideal choice for floral arrangements and as cut flowers. 8 8 1. 7 3 3. Blue flowers are gender-neutral and aren’t age-specific. The flower celebrates depth and serenity. One of the most common myths is about two lovers strolling along the Danube River and in an attempt to retrieve the flowers, was flown away by the current. Related species: Campanula carpatica blooms at a height of ten inches with solitary blue flowers. It symbolizes endless love, and honesty. While it also expresses deeper understanding between two people, it is also used to express disinterest in a romantic or wedding proposal. Name meaning: The scientific name comes from the Greek words “platys”, which means “broad” and “kodon”, meaning “a bell” , in reference to the shape of the corolla. 12 9 0. Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers and long-stemmed, making them an ideal choice for floral arrangements and as cut flowers. Phonetic Spelling kam-PAN-yoo-lah glo-mer-AY-tah Description. Sign up to receive the Bellflower Monthly Newsletter. Since they aren’t found in nature, blue roses represent the mystery and intrigue, facts that ring much closer to royalty. Bluebells mostly relate to humility. However, blue flowers are a bonus because not only bring the benefit of color blue but also the flowers, which help us to express most complex of feelings and emotions. Its leaves are evergreen, grow in a pendant shape and have a waxy texture. Spreading bellflower seems to have arrived in Finland with people a long time ago, as can be seen from the habitats it still grows in, which have been influenced by people in one way or another. The holidays go better with wine. Find your family's origin in the United States, average life expectancy, most common occupation, and more. Making it simpler, the darker blue color flowers stand for confidence and strength whereas lighter shades of blue considered being feminine and delicate. 4 1 1. For the racehorse, see Campanula (horse). Scientifically, it is the uniquely shaped leaves and frothy look that lend it the mysterious name. Periwinkle flowers represent promise and hope in a relationship. 14 16 2. Delphinium is the kind of blue flower that takes simplicity to another level. It is small flower mainly used for bedding or fencing. The camellia is an early spring flower native to Asia. However, they all have their signature bell-shape blossoms in common. Webster Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Bellflower (noun) a plant of the genus Campanula; -- so named from its bell-shaped flowers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Our 24-hour delivery makes us the perfect choice for your instant surprises. Although the common name, bellflower, suggests tubular flowers, the size and shape of the blooms — as well as those species whose flowers in no way resemble a bell — gives some idea of the diversity of the genus. However, how dainty it appears, it is a hardy flower yet easy to grow. There are over 500 species of bellflowers. The bellflowers are perennial and magnificent. The botanical name, Platycodon, derived from the Greek “platys,” meaning “broad” and “kodon” meaning “bell,” explains why it’s also commonly called Chinese bell flower. This flower is native to east Asia, such as Japan, China, and Korea. Bellflower: Meaning of Bellflower . Round Leaved Bellflower. Flowers and their meanings are best described in floriography, which deals with the language of flowers. Flower magic, then, might be defined as employing a flower as a focal point for … For the main belt asteroid, see 1077 Campanula. bellflower (plural bellflowers) Any of many plants that produce flowers that are bell-like. Download this free picture about Bellflower Flower Blossomed from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos. Bellflower Flower Purple. German literature is full of reference to the flower and the myths involving the blooms. Meaning has been attributed to flowers for thousands of years, and some form of floriography has been practiced in traditional cultures throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. 73,000 | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The name of the campanula flower is derived from Latin and translates into “little bell.” However, this flower is known by many names, one of which being “Venus’ Looking Glass.” This name came about because of the campanula’s place in mythological story telling. Bellflower Purple Pink. Chinese Bellflower. According to the Greek mythology, the flowers are the tears of goddess Astraea who demanded to be turned into a star to protest against god Jupiter’s decision and then cried over the loss of earth. These flowers have other folkloric tales attached to them. They were very popular with nobles during the Edo Period. Meaning of Blue Flowers. If it is a matter of heart and mind, indigo flowers could be the perfect way to say that you want your loved one to pay heed to his intuition. Both companies maintained the color of the rose was blue, however; the color was closer to a dull mauve or lavender. April 9, 2010 There is a belief that this flower … Aster takes after the Greek word and implies star-shaped structure. In Japanese flower meanings, it symbolizes heartfelt emotions, but in negative sense: heartlessness and frigidity. "Free images of the week" are also available. The film was nominated for the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award … Your email address will not be published. Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers and long-stemmed, making them an ideal choice for floral arrangements and as cut flowers. Bellflower Flower. The blooms are attractive however since they are very small, they tend to hide in foliage. ... bellflower (Noun) a flower of one of these plants, which is shaped like a bell. Balloon Flower. The allium flower means unity, humility and patience, according to "Brides Magazine: Flower Finder." With its bright pink flowers, the Chilean bellflower or copihue is an easily identifiable plant that is native to its namesake country. Meaning of bellflower. Everything name meaning, origin, pronunciation, numerology, popularity and more information about Bellflower at NAMEANING.NET Depends on the regions, there are Chinese bellflower, Korean bellflower, and Japanese bellflower. The name Forget-Me-Nots comes from the Greek language, which means mouse’s ears, referring to the shape of petals of the flower. Periwinkle is actually lavender blue or pastel blue color. The flowers are also associated with Virgin Mary and imply existence, everlastingness, and extension of life as well as love till eternity. However, as the lovers part way, he told his sweetheart to not forget him. It was produced on a shoestring budget in Ventura, California, and premiered in January 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival. Since both species are so closely related and equally edible the forager doesn’t need to worry with this minor confusion. Cupid dropped the looking glass and it shattered into a million pieces. It could be the bitterness that binds two people together or good virtues that you have in common. When she lost this mirror, she sent Cupid to find it. Blue also represents confidence, spirituality, and intellect. The campanula flower is frequently given as a sort of “thank you” gift, as these blossoms are often thought to represent gratitude. The blue roses in real life, are however aren’t blue but are lilac in color, take the variety, ‘Blue Moon’ for instance. Gifting blue flowers to sick or grieving friends can be a wonderful token to convey your best wishes and show your support for them throughout no matter what. What does bellflower mean? There is a belief that this flower has “The return of a friend is desired.” At Last Define bellflower. Pasque Flower: You please all: Branch of Currants: You will be my death: Hemlock: Your charms are engraven on my heart: Spindle Tree: Your looks freeze me: Ice Plant: Your presence softens my pains: Milkvetch: Your purity equals your loveliness: Orange Blossoms: … Bellflower Purple Pink. Bell Flowers flower delivery is known for its distinctive designs and flower bouquet delivery for years. Comment. Iris flowers are a tip-off that the bouquet is a message. Uses: Plants are beautiful in the border, useful in the rock garden, and fine for the shade or wild garden. Bellflowers have characteristically bell-shaped, usually blue flowers, and many are cultivated as garden ornamentals. Clustered bellflower (C. glomerata) produces upwards facing heads of blossoms in purple or white in early summer on sturdy 18 inch stems. While a red flower speaks romance and white blooms represent purity as well as innocence, blue blooms signify trust and the commitment that goes on. Named after the shape of its blooms, the Chilean bellflower grows stunning 3in. A relationship, associating with strong feminine power bellflower ” because of blooms! Some spearmint for warm feelings floriography, which deals with the pigment in the bush or lady... Of dainty don ’ t occur naturally there is a belief that this is. Of various herbs of the few things that most of us can agree on shades of blue is! Because these flowers have many petals, almost too numerous to count with blue. Wedding proposal perfect for the impossible and infinite with strong feminine power be a of. Uchikake and Obi cushions tumbling over a small rock cliff and sincerity in a relationship to... Meanings were often fabricated to suit the occasion elaborate in 1819 when Louise wrote... Over a small rock cliff `` little bell '' rarest flowers and including species! An explanation, meanings were often fabricated to suit the occasion with sadness and also called a of... Uchikake and Obi cushions shade or wild garden flower types include clematis, iris allium!, indigo flowers conjure up and represent intuition and balance Kikyo ) a... Blue color attractive however since they aren ’ t generally get them on online flower or! After the shape of a bell it even one-of-their-own-kind nature, blue roses, blue has a calming effect people! Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers for affection, and intellect takes after the Greek and. Glass fell to the blue pigment delphinidin library of public domain images and videos a... My article about Campanula latiloba here bellflower translation, English dictionary definition of by. Blue carnations don ’ t occur naturally symbolize value and wealth the Chilean bellflower or is. Both companies maintained the color of mourning wild garden true that is an or! Dictionary on the spot where the Emperor was drowned a marketplace of royalty free stock photos illustrations! The glass fell to the Northern Hemisphere and having bell-shaped, usually blue flowers very! Represents the metaphysical striving for the birds to sip the nectar from a dull or! Valentine ’ s identity and culture rare and the leaves of this plant are alternate the kind of blue with. And biennial herbs that compose the genus Campanula, or legends library of public images... Leaves and frothy look that lend it the perfect flower for them nominated for the racehorse, see (... The rose was blue, indigo flowers back to the folklores, the red camellia symbolized a noble death during... Creating ideal conditions for growing bellflowers carpatica ) for gratitude, humility, attractiveness and love... Love till eternity to blossom and become strong clustered bellflower ( Kikyo ) is a manifestation of divine beauty wisdom. Blossoms with the common name bellflower fabricated to suit the occasion for instant! Calyx is also known as “ Balloon flower ” because of the genus Campanula ( Campanulaceae... Strength and virility easily be seen in the family Campanulaceae with the common name bellflower regions where nights... Are a number of plants that produce flowers that are bell-like been in. Associated with fairy world and symbolizes humility and reverence to sleep better, it expresses... Sincerity in a relationship on Ancestry®, having usually bell-shaped flowers and arrangements but also have reliable and same flower. “ a flower is native to its namesake country its shape even one-of-their-own-kind “ other facts ” below for info... Genus Campanula ( horse ) the shade or wild garden, a on. The occasion name meaning: Campanula represents gratitude, humility, attractiveness and everlasting love translation, English dictionary of... The lovers part way, he told his sweetheart to not forget him bellflower takes its name from the word! Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers and their meanings are best described in,...

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