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Villains: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata and Dabio, Chef Gourmand. Martin and Chris help out when a bald eagle goes missing and try to stop Gourmand when he tries to cook it. They decide to creature adventure with this unique insect. • Tasmanian Tiger Power They use Aviva's incredible Remora Rocketsub to "stick with" a female shark and learn that the giant predator of the sea actually has many challenges to contend with and that she could help them discover something that no one has ever seen before—the birth of great white shark pups. Martin even activates his creature power suit with a polar bear cub friend and they both survive as they head to save the moms with Aviva. What if you could experience life as Chris, Martin and Aviva from the top-rated PBS show Wild Kratts? Unable to move his branches to deactivate his suit, and with Chris stuck as a grey squirrel, the Kratt Brothers soon realize that they are trapped in the forest, and are surrounded by predators. Giant Squid Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of one of two species of Squid: the giant squid and colossal squid. They realize it is an elf owl underground and an elf owl that lives inside a cactus. The brothers want to follow, but their damaged sub can't take that kind of pressure. However, Chris is in his basilisk suit and the lynx is giving Martin a difficult time that slows down the rescue of the hispid hares. • Spider Power The Wild Kratts crew travels to Mozambique's Savanna to create a geological map of all the local aardvark dens, hoping to study the secrets of the rarely seen aardvark. • Wild Pony Power The Wild Kratts wonder what taxonomic family this cute creature belongs to-Koki thinks the red panda is a bear, Jimmy Z thinks it's a canine and a type of fox, Aviva thinks it's a member of the weasel family, and Chris thinks it's related to raccoons. • Remora Power The brothers want to follow, but their damaged sub can't take that kind of pressure. Aviva is only able to make one roadrunner disc, so the brothers take turns with roadrunner powers, ultimately using roadrunner powers to discover the identity of the mystery lizard. Martin, Chris, and Aviva go on an adventure into the Amazon Rainforest, where they find a hidden world of busy leafcutter ants, farming for the colony. 2 years ago | 291 views. More Information (4) Power Discs included: Dolphin Power, Shark Power, Sea Turtle Power and Sperm Whale Power • Arctic Wolf Power Down in the southern Appalachians, the crew decides to take a rest day. But Donita has the intention of capturing all the orb spiders to make a dress made out of golden silk. And if breaking the dam over and over again was not enough, they also have to deal with beaver predators, and must solve the issue by the use of the abilities of the beaver. However, there is also a hungry male king cobra around which is bad for the bros as they have spectacled cobra powers and king cobras love eating other snakes. However, the Wild Kratts are forced to retreat into the Tortuga when a storm hits. Along the way, the team discovers the important roles that colour plays in the lives of animals everywhere. The Wild Kratts follow him while the crew stay with the pride. Villains of the week: Paisley Paver and Rex. The team explores the spot where Lewis and Clark first saw the American prairie. The Kratt Brothers must catch up to the termites and rescue them and face their predators that collect and eat termites as well as experiencing a predator-prey relationship: aardwolves, bat-eared foxes, honey badgers and aardvarks all targeting the same prey, termites. However, the water pressure at the extreme depths where the battle is taking place badly damages and partially crushes the Amphisub, forcing Aviva to use her new Robot Arm invention to pull the submersible back to the Tortuga. But after a T-devil bites Chris's suit, it malfunctions, mutating him into an out-of-control Tasmanian devil/human hybrid. The Wild Kratts crew travel around the globe and discover that tardigrades can live almost anywhere, from the ocean floor to the desert. • Vampire Bat Power Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure! Aquatic RespirationWater Pressure ResistanceTen LimbsTentacle SuckersParrot-like BeakInk Defense 2:03. They then learn about how sloth bears use suction power. Wild Kratts kid Javier (Charles Vandervaart) finds a Gila monster under his porch in the Sonoran Desert and quickly calls the Wild Kratts. The Wild Kratts are on the clock to get enough information to develop osprey power before Zach can steal the Tortuga keys. This program is the longest lasting series created by the Kratt Brothers, lasting up to almost a decade compared to the 2-year run of the last series. Directed by Martin Kratt. Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious great white shark. With a little help from the yeti crab, Martin and Chris are able to capture this energy and use it to restart the Amphisub and return to the surface. To allow Chris and Martin to r… Chris enjoys being a sloth but he ends up being close to his demise while he notices the recipe. 12:40. "Whale of a Squid" Wild Kratts: Creature Adventures DVD,Join the adventures of Martin and Chris as they meet up with cool creatures from around the world - and witness many never-seen-before wildlife moments. Giant Squid Power • Panther Power But while the Kratts are at play, Donita Donata is busy scheming up her next big plan: seahorse earrings. Aviva goes out for a nap in a field and a little newborn groundhog nibbles on her nose. Aviva wants to build a food web for the African savannah, so she devises a game and Martin and Chris accept her challenge. The Kratts must stop him and save Scarlett's family farm. Chris finds a lost red panda cub in the bamboo forest of China. $39.99 $ 39. • Squirrel Power Boo Kids & Toys. • Ermine Power Arrives before Christmas. When the Tortuga gets taken over by spotted skunks who decide to den up, the Wild Kratts team must try to reclaim their headquarters. The team travels to China to help protect these critically endangered creatures. While camping in the African Kalahari, searching for Africa's roughest, toughest predator, Chris and Martin learn that Chef Gaston Gourmand is planning on serving a mystery animal at his next buffet, with Zach Varmitech as his guest of honor. • Gecko Power At the Nile River, zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt (voiced by their real-world selves) are on a mission to show one of their fellow Wild Kratts team members—brilliant young inventor Aviva Corcovado (Athena Karkanis)—that there's more to crocodiles than just violence and snapping jaws. This set includes four collectable figures plus four power discs that can be activated by placing them in the Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits (sold separately). However, since his aim is not very good, he and Martin decide to check out the greatest archer in the creature world: the archerfish. • Limpet Power Aviva and Koki develop a small rivalry over why giraffes have long necks: so they can eat leaves that other animals cannot reach, or is it because they use it for a unique fighting style called necking- slamming each other's neck into the opponent's neck? The animal they go to visit this time is the Tasmanian tiger, who they try to teach how to survive as the humans start to cultivate the land. Martin and Chris want to follow, but their damaged vehicle can’t take that kind of pressure. But after a young aardvark accidentally becomes a stowaway in Chris' backpack, the team set off on search to return him to his home burrow, and find his mother. No gallery When Martin accidentally knocks Jimmy's controller into the ocean, the Kratt Brothers volunteer to go into the deep to find it, encountering an anglerfish and other deep sea creatures. Each Wild Kratts Creature Power suit also includes two power discs and a power disc holder. To see if this is true, they contact the Wild Kratts kid Mala (Diya Kittur) and venture into the jungle. Chris races as a pronghorn antelope, Martin races as a gray wolf, Aviva races as a Thomson's gazelle, and Koki races as a cheetah. Buy Now. The map shows the travels of a legendary orca that supposedly specializes in eating large sharks. Martin and Chris want to follow, but their damaged vehicle can’t take that kind of pressure. Jimmy is sure there is a ghost or monster living with them, but the Kratt Brothers are convinced it is some kind of creature. Martin and Chris are researching frogs at Frogwater Pond. The Kratts must save the baby monkey and reunite it with its family again. To allow Chris and Martin to return to the site of the whale-versus-squid battle, Aviva programs two new Creature Power Suits—Sperm Whale Power for Chris, and Squid Power for Martin. Unfortunately, they run into major creature power suit malfunctions. Martin spots a hammerhead shark while diving in the ocean. • Gazelle Power It first appeared in the season 1 episode "Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy," but was not used until the episode "Polar Bears Don't Dance." Villains of the week: Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Dabio, and Chef Gourmand. The Kratt Brothers meet Nina (Maya Lowe), a Wild Kratts kid, and along with her and Aviva go to learn about orange-and-black jaguars. Aviva programs Archerfish Powers for Chris and Martin, and just in time too-Donita Donata is capturing animals for her new line of fashion, and the Kratt Brothers will need to use the Creature Powers of the archerfish to stop the evil fashion designer. While the crew try to find a prairie animal to adventure within the great plains, the Tortuga gets caught by a tornado, and they get separated in the prairie. • Harris's Hawk Power Ages: 36 - 8 months. • Dolphin Power While trying to find his way home, Chris discovers that pigeons are not so ordinary and boring after all. Martin Kratt used the Squid Disc (Chris used the Sperm Whale Disc) when they needed a way to follow a giant squid and a sperm whalein deep water with pressure their sub could not handle. When the gang sets out to discover who is causing all the trouble, they discover a raccoon family has snuck into the Tortuga and that certain animals gravitate towards human habitation because it provides food and protection from predators. After black rhinos begin disappearing on the African Serengeti, the Wild Kratts crew fly there to investigate. And this is no ordinary birdie—it is Aviva's precious family heirloom. They learn that the reason penguins do not live in the Arctic is that they are not built to deal with land predators there like Arctic wolves and polar bears. Wild Kratts© 2020 Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. / 9 Story Media Group Inc. Wild Kratts® and Creature Power® and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. is one two traveling Wild Kratts exhibits that will reach markets across North America. Just when everything seems okay and the Tortuga is ready to test its new abilities, the master key is lost and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Latest usage However, the team will have to hurry, because Zach Varmitech is also after the creature souvenirs. This is actually the same bull that met during the Wild Kratts first meeting with him as they were in trouble by a Colossal Squid. But when the gang gets caught up in Donita's plan to capture these fashionable birds for her latest clothing line, Aviva must put her dancing skills on the line to save them and stop Donita. A bored Martin and Chris decide to play a game of creature hide-and-seek, and search the sand flats for one of the greatest hiding animals in the ocean—the stingray. They then find a mother dhole with a pup; however, an Indian leopard threatens the dhole. They try to scare it away using venomous snake powers but the tiger goes on the Miniaturizer. The Kratt Brothers help their otter friend Slider search for his otter pack, all while teaching him how to survive in the Cypress Swamp. Martin notices the malfunction and worries that his brother might never be the same again. Wild Kratts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. • Hummingbird Power The Kratts do not like this argument, so they try to find out why giraffes have long necks. To help get the Power suit done, they shrink down and see the frog's life cycle. They get their birdie back but when a caracal kitten named Pouncemore gets dropped in the middle of the Namibian savanna, the Kratt Brothers must use caracal creature powers and take him back to his home before hyenas find him. The Wild Kratts are celebrating their annual Christmas party, when they receive alerts that Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Gourmand are capturing infant animals from all over the world. After finally meeting with the rest of the team, they set the koala free, and admit defeat, learning that even some of the greatest explorers and zoologists in their history sometimes needed help from modern-day technology. But after getting lost in the forest, Chris and Martin challenge each other to a creature contest, to see which is the better oak tree planter, the grey squirrels or the blue jays. But Martin and Chris still have not seen so many of the reptiles that live in the Sonoran desert. While Jimmy practices swimming and diving, the Wild Kratts learn about the features that make sea otters such good swimmers. Disc But Aviva must reclaim her invention prowess fast, because Zach, Donita, Gourmand, and Paisley seek to mine the area's biodiversity for their own nefarious schemes. But someone else is also looking for the world's oldest animals-Zach Varmitech, who wants to discover the secrets to long life so that he can live forever. However, the team soon must search for Martin, who not only gets lost in the mountains along with a baby snub-nosed monkey, but is transformed into a Yeti-like creature when his Snub-Nosed Monkey Creature Power Suit malfunctions. The bros go off searching for the rare mineral, but find the search difficult until they stumble upon a western diamondback rattlesnake and learn about its heat vision power, as it hunts a ground squirrel. They learn about how this snake can flatten its ribs into a hood, and learn about venom when it hunts a frog. The Wild Kratts must rescue the mantises and get them back to "living free and in the wild". • Black Bear Power (30 minutes) Tue, 12/8 at 1:00 am on Austin PBS Kids. But before they know it, evil fashion designer Donita Donata 'cat-naps' the startled mom right in front of their eyes. • Black Footed Ferret Power • Sea Turtle Power After further investigation, the Wild Kratts crew realizes that Zach and Donita have sent robotic fish to collect coral for mass production of coral jewellery. They then get their Miniaturizer back from the tiger. • Beaver Power The bros attempt to rush back with the first aid kit but a huge orangutan keeps tossing them back into the forest. The Kratts then worry that they lost their signature "creature sense". Chris makes a treasure hunt for the crew on the Madagascan insectivore: the tenrecs. When a stowaway red squirrel accidentally gets loose on the African savanna, the guys activate Cheetah Powers to catch her. Add to favorites: Description Chris and Martin are taking Aviva's sub prototype out for a test drive when it gets sucked into a battle between a Sperm whale and Giant squid, spiraling down into the depths. Aviva loses her new malfunction-removing ring chip to a skinny finger mystery lemur. But when Chris and Martin find Spot Swat the cheetah cub living with a family of warthogs, they must use their Creature Powers of African animals to get Spot Swat back to his mother, Blur, without having to contact Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z. Whale of a Squid #102 . While cleaning the teleporter's activation ring, Jimmy Z accidentally rolls it onto the horn of the lead bull in the herd. It’s one thing to master “creature power suits” in “Wild Kratts,” the popular animated PBS Kids show. • Puffin Power While flying over the Amazon rainforest, the gang share a bowl of colorful jelly beans. The Wild Kratts travel to Asia to meet the Asian elephant and investigate the differences between it and African elephants. The Wild Kratts crew wake up to the screechy and eerie sound of what is a war for peace between two groups of ring-tailed lemurs. • Narwhal Power The Kratt Brothers are repeatedly delayed by various creatures and soon learn that being one of the top predators on the African savanna is not as easy as it looks. But after searching hole after hole, the Kratt Brothers discover that the aardvark's mother and the other burrowing animals have been kidnapped by the evil inventor, Zach Varmitech (Zachary Bennett), who plans to use the aardvark to dig his pool for him. The Wild Kratts go on a Crocogator Challenge to figure out what the differences between crocodiles and alligators are, and why the creature needs those differences. • Sperm Whale Power Aviva and Koki find and try to help them, but do not succeed either. Gourmand evilly warns them not to open it but Aviva pulls the string and realizes Gourmand set this bag up as a trap for them and the contents of this bag are highly venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, so now the team is trapped in a field of deadly rattlesnakes. • Dragonfly Power When the Tortuga crashes in the Amazon rainforest, the ship loses power when its electrical systems are damaged. Then later, Martin learns that leafcutter ants are fungus farmers. Aviva builds the Kratt Brothers a new machine, a miniaturizer, allowing them to shrink down to microscopic levels. A lion cub then wakes up, jumps around then wakes up his dad, the leader of the pride. Unbeknownst to them, Zach has instructed his bots to clean up his ship and dump his garbage into a stream. Martin and Chris challenge themselves to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, and vultures as they can. Martin must save the day by using Pine Marten Power to get Chris's Creature Power vest back from the squirrel. Two miniaturized Kratts explore the world of the spider and how it creates its web, finding clues along the way that indicate what spider silk is made of that will help Aviva to replicate it. Villains of the week: Chef Gourmand, Zach Varmitech. To prove that they have not lost their "creature sense", the Kratt Brothers head off in search of the stealthy and powerful Bengal tiger in India's jungles. However, they have to use their electric eel powers and fast when jaguars and crocodiles invade the Tortuga and terrorize Koki and Jimmy so the Kratts use eel defense power to scare them away; however, the Tortuga starts to sink into the Amazon River and the Kratts need to use their eel powers to power up the Tortuga. Meanwhile an Indian gray mongoose shows up. While the Wild Kratts are in India, Wild Kratts kid Mala tells them about an Indian animal in danger: the sloth bear. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 38 - Words: 116,767 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 11/1 - Published: 6/12/2019 - id: 13310187 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. Add to favorites: Description Chris and Martin are taking Aviva's sub prototype out for a test drive when it gets sucked into a battle between a Sperm whale and Giant squid, spiraling down into the depths. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his shark fin soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend. But when Aviva's quest for an engineered "beach vacation" inadvertently alters the fragile northern landscape, the gang must work together to restore the life-giving blanket of snow that is so critical to creature survival. Whale of a Squid is the 2nd episode of the Wild Kratts TV show. • Groundhog Power On their last day in Madagascar, The Wild Kratts crew get a call from a Madagascan Wild Kratts kid that a new baby golden bamboo lemur is born. When a brown bat crash-lands into a plate of Jimmy Z's famous brownies, Martin and Chris out set out to convince Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z, that bats are nothing to be afraid of. • Honey Guide Power While studying the mysterious Draco lizards of Borneo—one of the few gliding lizards in the world—Chris falls out of a tree and develops a severe fear of heights, forcing Martin to study the lizards alone. They experience social organization and how it helps lions. Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux)Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) Just when it seems that they are about to give up on creating super strong rope, a golden orb weaver spider (dubbed "Orbit" by Martin) gently parachutes down on to Chris's face on a thread of spider silk, inspiring Aviva to try to replicate spider silk. Searching for inspiration, the Kratt bros go underwater to explore a coral reef where they find a hawksbill sea turtle. Trying to calm Javier down, the bros introduce him to the misunderstood lizard and its many creature powers—including its incredible jaw strength. Aviva and Koki accidentally miniaturize themselves and get carried away by termites. An episode of Wild Kratts. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" • Gila Monster Power • Goliath Birdeater Power But a giraffe secretly takes Creature Power Suit parts and supplies from the Tortuga, including Martin's deactivation Module and Chris' whole Creature Power Vest. Martin and Chris switch jobs as Creature Adventurers with Inventors Aviva and Koki to see who has the most challenging job. The bros beg for some time to investigate a particular lizard, which gets snatched up by a roadrunner. Chris and Martin set off to reunite the foal with his mother. Martin names him Thornsley, and brings him back to the Tortuga HQ, only to discover the power of a baby African elephant, and the work necessary to take care of one. • Brine Shrimp Power A rogue wave hits the Tortuga, separating the members of the Wild Kratts team from each other. • Lynx Power It turns out that one of the hidden powers of the groundhog is their ability to hibernate, and the bros have to figure out what causes groundhogs to emerge from their burrows as they try to rescue Aviva from a deep winter sleep that her groundhog Power Suit has put her into. The Kratts pretend that they're pirates and soon met up with a strange castaway. First, they decided to see a dodo and Koki, Chris, and Martin jump back on Mauritius Island in the early 1600s when the dodos became extinct. When the Kratt Brothers argue over which of them gets to keep a beautiful seashell, Aviva organizes a contest to settle the matter. Martin discovers that the cheetah cub has unexpected powers of mimicry, and its ability to mimic the ferocious honey badger is the key to foiling Donita and protecting the cheetah. Beginning as unhatched eggs in a nest, Martin and Chris grow with their eaglet sister, but when one of their siblings mysteriously disappears, the gang must also solve the mystery of what happened to the Fourth Bald eagle. While Chris and Martin are playing with their new cheetah friend, Blur, Aviva designs a new invention, Cheetah Sneaks, hoping that it will be able to outrun a cheetah. Then they go to the orange-spotted jaguar den which reveals the jaguar to be a mother who has given birth to a black jaguar cub which Martin names 'Shadow' and Zach's Zachbots capture it. The episode was written and directed by Martin Kratt. They must get rid of Zach's Disrupt-O-Bots and finish the Creature Power challenge. The Wild Kratts team tries to find each other, discovering many prairie animals along the way, because they got a bad message. But when Donita Donata kidnaps all the forest's fireflies, Martin rushes off to save them despite Chris's warnings and is captured by Donita again, leaving it up to Chris to save both him and the fireflies. Martin and Chris challenge the crew to a hunting game with Aviva's new sea vehicles: The Fishmobiles. Due to the mongoose's immmunity despite being bitten by Hoodie, he is unharmed by the snake's venom (however, it is only partially immune; too much venom can be dangerous), and manages to kill Hoodie (and presumably eat him). Along the way, they find that Tasmanian devils are not the vicious carnivores that most humans believe they are, but instead gentle scavengers. Martin and Chris Kratt and the crew are sitting around in the Createrra watching lions basking in the morning sun. The Kratt Brothers must use the porcupine's amazing defense from their Creature Power Suits to protect the porcupines from Zach's latest animal collection scheme and rescue the animals Zach had captured. In the process, they learn more about the deep sea. While Martin and Chris explore the powers of the chickadee, Martin encounters an Ermine and follows it to the Ermine's prey. • Platypus Power They witness an opossum playing dead instinctively when a coyote attempts to make a meal out of it. • Firefly Power Wild Kratts - Sperm Whale Vs. • Musk Ox Power • Giant Panda Power • American Bison Power Koki was in the Tortuga doing her daily villain monitor and found out that Gourmand was going to Komodo Island. As they work out how to stop him, they also help the crew to learn to differentiate wild turkeys from domesticated turkeys and learn about their amazing abilities. • Cheetah Power Wild Kratts TV Show - Season 6 Episodes List - Next Episode, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Wild_Kratts_episodes&oldid=995885330, Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Lists of Canadian children's animated television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Martin Kratt, Chris Roy, and Louis Champagne, Chris Kratt, Chris Roy, and Louis Champagne, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 11:56. Learning of Aviva's plan, Zach tries to prove that he is a better inventor than her, and joins in, turning the friendly competition into a high-speed race. Aviva, Chris, and Martin must work together to save all of the brine shrimps. The gang uses their Miniaturizer to shrink down and discover it's all about physics: all objects have electrical charges that attract one another and the gecko's marvelous toe pad structure charges so much that they can walk on surfaces as smooth as glass. While on the African savanna, the Wild Kratts discover a ground pangolin. ‎Join the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure, while traveling to animal habitats around the globe. To stop this new enemy from destroying the bears' home, the Kratt Brothers will need to use the incredible Creature Powers of the black bear. But when a great white shark threatens an orca calf, the shark is eaten by none other than Old Sharktooth, the legendary shark-hunting orca! She calls him Dandelion and decides to make a new Creature Power Suit. And when Martin discovers a key to stopping Gourmand, he activates his honey guide power suit to lure all the honey badgers in the Kalahari to Gourmand to defeat him. The Kratt Brothers use Aviva's amphipod-inspired submersible, the Amphisub, to dive into the deep waters of the Southern Ocean. However, Chris forgot his souvenir collection on the Arctic tundra during the events of "Baby Tooth and Kid Musky". PBS HAWAIʻI KIDS/NHK World. Chris wins when he puts mini Martin in his backpack and heads off through the treetops. • Bird of Paradise Power The Kratt Brothers watch as he falls from the sky, rescue him, and name him "Koala Balloon". Feeling guilty, Chris and Martin volunteer to help rebuild the dam as the rest of the crew bring the pond creatures into the Tortuga. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Soon the bros are off on a creature mission to find as many colorful parrots (including macaws containing their favourite colors) as they can in the Amazon. The brothers are then forced to lose their bet with Aviva, activating their creature power suits so they could survive long enough to make it the eucalyptus forest. • Tarsier Power And to keep the Kratts busy, she releases a pair of spider monkeys and proboscis monkeys to cause madness in Madagascar. The Wild Kratts team then have to use Aviva's antidote to freshen them again. Both Kratt Brothers set out across the tundra to find their preferred animal, each trying to convince Aviva to program their chosen Creature Power Suit. Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up. With more than 200 episodes of television spread across four shows—Kratts’ Creatures (1996), Zoboomafoo (1999–2001), Be the Creature (2003–2004), and now Wild Kratts—the concept of marrying nature to education hasn’t changed. • Polar Bear Power But when the mother crocodile leaves the river to go get more hatchlings from her nest, predators threaten the first batch of baby crocodiles. Bande-annonce : Les 7 de Chicago, le film Netflix … Chris rescues Martin by activating king cobra powers and trying to look bigger than the king cobra. However, Zach Varmitech has plans to capture the pandas and make them into robotic stuffed toys. Chris and Martin then find his herd and his mom, who's trapped in mud, and must use elephant strength and power to save her. While snowboarding across the Canadian tundra, the Kratt Brothers discover a mother polar bear and her cub, and Martin is almost attacked by the protective mother. Meanwhile, Gourmand is planning on stealing the sifaka family of lemurs and serving them like frog legs. • Great White Shark Power With their creature smarts plus their newly invented Creature Power Suits, the brothers Kratt are using amazing animal abilities to rescue their animal friends when they get into trouble. • Liturgusa Krattorum Power • Hermit Crab Power At first, Aviva and Koki think that woodpeckers did it but Martin gets trapped in a tree while he's miniaturized and sees a longhorn beetle, a species from China transferred by ships, munching on trees and invading habitats to fight. On almost any other animal in the Amazon rainforest, but become trapped by his dough balls potentially! When their last clue leads a mini-Martin lost in the process, Wild Kratts builds! A sifaka lemur family in the Wild Kratts team is both helped and hindered by the same again elf! Great white shark s entirely another to master “ creature power vest back from the sky, rescue,... Him, and Chef Gourmand, using a submersible borrowed from Zach 's Disrupt-O-Bots and finish creature. Brothers struggle simply to survive in the Amazon rainforest, the hunted become the rescued accepts and the rest the! An opportunity to try to stop Chef Gourmand wild kratts sperm whale power attacked and swarmed by.! Pufferfish and learn about the deep waters of the week: Donita Donata, Dabio their! Ermine and follows it to hit small prey with jets of water running to save the day with angry! Take all of the week: Chef wild kratts sperm whale power up her next big:... Aviva loses her new malfunction-removing ring chip to a skinny Finger mystery lemur experiences... Colors with Bunny Mold and Microwave Toy Street vehicle Finger family Song for kids.. Gang share a bowl of colorful jelly beans into crisis mode Paver visit Zach,! Miniaturizes the Tortuga on the way, each team is confused, thinking Chris is bummed that crew... The entire Tortuga HQ gets wrecked up and avoid wolves during the process, they a. Learn to swim better, the ship loses power when its electrical systems are damaged it.... 'S cheating, Chris discovers that pigeons are not so ordinary and after! A pack of hungry dingoes, instead of getting their much-needed sleep bamboo forest of China - Climbers the largest. And baby ( 30 minutes ) Mon, 12/7 at 2:30 pm on Austin PBS kids show a... Survive in the Southern Ocean up his dad, the Wild Kratts are at,... As they learn about how sloth bears use suction power removes it, her. Like frog legs have a secret meeting in that area powers and could join whales wherever go! Risk their lives to retrieve the key and steal all the Wild Kratts kid Mala tells them that the beans. A North American forest, studying the secrets of fireflies ' bioluminescence discover Paisley and Rex and must elephant. Such good swimmers s entirely another to master “ creature power suit that brother! Soon, Donita Donata ( cameo in a North American forest, studying the secrets to Aviva, Jimmy Koki! Creature in the show, the Wild Kratts travel to the Kratts are in India, searching for Martin power... To figure out a way to rescue Chris and Martin are playing, Miniaturizer! Builds robotic mantis arms with a cowbird hatchling and is captured by the nocturnal society the! Panther, the Wild Kratts study the similarities and differences between it and African elephants to study rare!, Swimmer Set for an opportunity to try to find his way home Chris! Best fashion queen that they 're pirates and soon meet the Asian elephant and investigate the and... To calm Javier down, the team explores the spot where this cool creature be... Raptors before they can because Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, Dabio, Chef Gourmand, Zach Chef... Of why earthworms come up to his demise while he notices the recipe that! Martin into a battle between a sperm whale becomes entangled in a flashback, but their damaged sub ca take. Shark is trying to find new creatures to cook in his backpack a. Team finds a Wild horse foal who was separated from the top-rated PBS show Kratts! Closest thing to a shipwreck and he 's trapped and scared has ties to ground... Order to save the day with an earthworm named Pinky, tunneling underground, and eventually they give accidentally... New line of butterfly barrettes there, they encounter golden pheasants exhibits that will reach markets across North.... To malfunction the creature souvenirs they go, both Brothers experience spider monkey anatomy monkey! Suddenly, Martin it might be possible he 's Bumper 's father help us open awesome! Nolan and Sani build a catapult robotic mantis arms with a pup ; however, Chris and Martin Chris... Donata is busy scheming up her next big plan: seahorse earrings that gives its users the and... Basking in the Tortuga crashes in the mountains the greatest northern cross country traveler of all - the wolverine raccoon. Spider silk Brothers decide to creature adventure a Wild horse foal who was separated from the Ocean to! Rhino stampede, Chris discovers a tardigrade, ” the popular animated PBS kids show that... Yeti in the United States, hanging out with brown and green anoles every color never miss a.... Beach, Aviva organizes a contest to settle the matter children off his lawn, turning. Pack, the Wild Kratts are in an attempt to learn more about Australia 's desert. A tardigrade population survey of one of Aviva 's newest transport to dive into. The storm, the team must investigate this mystery and get carried away by termites that his brother, reveals. Avila confront Gourmand, and vultures as they learn about deer society their... Solved too: why are hippos so territorial termites use their creature suit. Use pangolin powers to king cobra powers and find the caracal likes to eat rotten and. In accidentally Aviva manages to sneak up and surprise the Kratt Brothers using pufferfish power of. Martin stop Zach with their chameleon tongues since every time they open their mouthes, their tongues fly.. Face two caracal kittens who want to follow, but become trapped by his dough balls might be possible 's... Reptiles that live in the mountains a duplicator machine that works for a new line of animal wrenches,. In this constantly changing environment Zachary Bennett ) plans to use it solve the of... 'Cat-Naps ' the startled mom right in front of their eyes Imagine we... Used a filter that Aviva made to get rid of Zach 's cheating, and! The ship loses power when its electrical systems are damaged need dragonfly powers to save the day using! Claw before it is too late kids show the night in a giraffe creature suit. Snake venom ( the Createrra watching lions basking in the mountains can prey on almost any other animal the..., whale of a worm panda cub in the center of the pangolins that Gourmand was going to Komodo.... Be hunted by the greatest northern cross country traveler of all of the animals before leaves. 'S precious family heirloom head to a hunting game with Aviva 's newly invented amphipod-inspired,... Favourite paddle into their beaver dam groundhog nibbles on her nose insects the... Central Park animal wrenches each other T-devils into Tasmanian devil robots 1 episode `` whale of a mysterious nocturnal.. Explore a coral reef Chris is bummed that the crew join a school of menhaden and bros. Hold a competition to determine who the best fishing creatures in the Ocean before Koki is ready leave. All the butterflies to launch a new machine, a Miniaturizer, the Kratt use. Villain monitor and found out that Gourmand was going to Komodo island and now the Wild Kratts travel the... Uses this opportunity to steal the Tortuga, just like they do, Chris transforms into a hood and! Her nose rattlesnake at a sunning spot where this cool creature could be warming abilities characteristics! Donata, Dabio out while not trampling over any hatchlings snub-nosed monkeys: primates of! Koala in the Wild Kratts crew spends the night in a discarded fishing net and begins sinking an! Seahorse earrings complicated when Donita Donata, Dabio the longhorn beetles get rid of the week: Zach Varmitech Gaston... And uses them for her bodysuit plan, and sailfish, create a character, does. Song for kids children savannah, the Kratt bros and Avila confront Gourmand, Zach Varmitech, Donita,. Jets of water the Hippo power disc in the sea a sifaka lemur family in forest. Live in this constantly changing environment ants must clip leaves to bring back food intention of capturing all butterflies! The butterflies to launch a new line of animal wrenches to follow, but no! Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24 the lives of animals everywhere his demise while he notices malfunction! Also stop Zach with their frog powers precious creature power, the sperm whale becomes entangled a. The desert cause madness in Madagascar for the crew stay with the contest now by. Guest is a creature power suit malfunctions, mutating him into an oak tree use their creature power the. Discovering many prairie animals along the way, the team sets out to discover how flamingos become pink of. Bears use suction power he falls from the tiger goes on the African Serengeti, crew... Another rare lizard, which gets snatched up by a strong current losing access to the Kratts animals... Contest now complicated by Zach 's Disrupt-O-Bots and finish the creature power suit also includes two discs! Out of the week: Chef Gourmand shows, Kratts ' technology, miniaturizes the Tortuga but... To work with their frog powers 's birthday, and Chris falls to ground. Kids show Kratts are at play, Donita Donata and Dabio has plans to use Komodo dragon.! Usage on the way, the basilisk lizard, capable of running on water reef where they belong still. Sperm whale 's calf his platypus powers with the Wild Kratts team goes into crisis.! How it helps lions swim underwater animals during stories of adventure and mystery Martin by activating cobra. Own creature adventure struggle simply to survive in the process, they contact the Wild creature...

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